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The photo shows Gordon Sutcliffe doing a headstand on Durness Beach in the far North of Scotland, where he was on a camping holiday with his wife Dorothy and her sister Pamela Diana Mills who was 10 years younger than Dorothy. Dorothy said they used…

Gordon on his International Norton, sand racing at Southport

Gordon and Dorothy Sutcliffe with Max and Molly Sunderland, on a day out in Scarborough whilst attending a motorcycle race at nearby Mount Olivet.
This photo shows from the left - Gordon Sutcliffe, Max and Molly Sunderland and Dorothy Sutcliffe

Motor-Cycle Gymkhana - Calder Holmes P ark 1959 (including Gordon Sutcliffe).jpg
This is a newspaper article of a Motor-Cycle Gymkhana in Calder Holmes Park 1959 in which Gordon took part. It was in aid of World Refugee Year.

Double adult sidecar for Norton 600 Motorcycle designed and built by Gordon Sutcliffe. Gordon modeled this on his friend's sidecar making a pattern in hardboard. He steamed the wood components to achieve the curved shape. The sidecar chassis was the…
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