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This tinted photographic portrait of Gordon was taken by Alice Longstaff

Dorothy and the Golden were married on 22 March 1952. at Salem Methodist Church, Market Street, Hebden Bridge. (where the current Methodist Chuch is sited) The photographs were taken in Alice Longstaff's Studio West End Hebden Bridge. Then the…

navy 1947.jpg
Portrait photograph of Gordon in his naval rating uniform, age 18/19 years. Probably taken while on leave by Alice Longstaff.

couple (2).jpg
This photo shows Gordon and Dorothy Sutcliffe before they were married. Gordon was 23 and a 1/2 and Dorothy was about 19 . They are outside the doorway of number 6 Southfield, Gordon's parents house on Heptonstall 's council estate.

This is an image of a smartly dressed couple, Hilda and George Sutcliffe, parents of Gordon Sutcliffe. It was taken outside their house on Southfield Council Estate, Heptonstall on the occasion of Gordon's wedding to Dorothy Sutcliffe nee Mills on…

trailer plans.jpg
Gordon's first and only car was a Morris 1000 for which he designed and built a trailer in the 1960s when he lived at High Street. The trailer was stolen on 5th April 1989 and never recovered.

epitaph sharpened.jpg
The image shows an enhanced copy of a document titled "Epitaph to a Third Engineer" epitaph sharpened .jpg Gordon's wife Dorothy found this in a wallet full of cards and documents relating to firms that Gordon had dealt with in the course of his…

gordon service.jpg
The image shows the front and back pages of the pamphlet for the Service of Thanksgiving for Gordon Sutlciffe, held at Blackshaw Methodist Church on Monday 14th May 2007 . The Service was led by Dorothy's nephew............. It was well attended by…
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