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mum with gordon.jpg
Gordon Sutcliffe with his mother Hilda nee Wilcock
His wife Dorothy still has his first shoes

Gordon Sutcliffe photos (5).jpg
The image shows Gordon Sutcliffe aged 2 yrs in 1936 sitting in a hayfield with his mother Hilda Sutcliffe (or possibly Auntie Jenn - according to another copy of image), while those around them are involved in haymaking. The man directly behind…

This very grainy photo shows a family outside one of the underdwelling houses on River Street, Bridge Lanes, Hebden Bridge. The woman sitting with the child on her knee is Gordon Sutcliffe's mother, Hilda Sutcliffe, and Gordon is the child on her…

This is an image of a smartly dressed couple, Hilda and George Sutcliffe, parents of Gordon Sutcliffe. It was taken outside their house on Southfield Council Estate, Heptonstall on the occasion of Gordon's wedding to Dorothy Sutcliffe nee Mills on…
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