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The image is of "Old Rastus", one of 2 Fordson tractors owned by Gordon Sutcliffe, and identified by his wife Dorothy by the blind over the engine, which was always pulled up when it was being driven. This was the first tractor Gordon ever bought and…

The image shows a number of tractors which belonged to Gordon Sutcliffe lined up ready for auction. There are also 2 pieces of haymaking machinery on the left. According to Gordon's wife Dorothy, the white parts were an earlier acquisition which…

The image shows 3 of the many tractors owned by Gordon Sutcliffe, lined up ready for auction. Looking at them from right to left, the red one (1) with a box of spares on the ground in front of it is a "David Brown", the pale blue one next to it(2) is…

This image shows 5 of many tractors which had been owned by GordonSutcliffe. They are lined up and awaiting buyers at an auction after Gordon's death. Looking from left to right, there is a Fordson, a Ferguson, an Alice Chalmers, another Ferguson…

Letter about the auction of Gordon's accumulation of farming, engineering and machine parts

The image shows part of an auction lot of Gordon Sutcliffe's property consisting of an assortment of tools including hayrakes, sheep shears, hammers, and rollers for moving tractors that weren't working

The image shows a miscellaneous collection of tools, including brushes, plastering tools, garden forks, spades, shovels and hoes. These formed part of a lot at the auction of Gordon Sutcliffe's property. The forks were used for both gardening and…

This image shows a collection of miscellaneous items which belonged to Gordon Sutcliffe.It shows only a small section of Gordon Sutcliffe's large collection which included engineering, motor and farming artefacts. The items are laid out for sale on…
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