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couple (2).jpg
This photo shows Gordon and Dorothy Sutcliffe before they were married. Gordon was 23 and a 1/2 and Dorothy was about 19 . They are outside the doorway of number 6 Southfield, Gordon's parents house on Heptonstall 's council estate.

This is an image of a smartly dressed couple, Hilda and George Sutcliffe, parents of Gordon Sutcliffe. It was taken outside their house on Southfield Council Estate, Heptonstall on the occasion of Gordon's wedding to Dorothy Sutcliffe nee Mills on…

Gordon Sutcliffe and a Navy Mate
This still photo shows Gordon Sutcliffe, on the left, with one of his shipmates, (unknown), probably outside their barracks in Portsmouth while they were doing their National Service .

donkey 1.jpg
This image shows Dorothy and Gordon Sutcliffe in their garden off Old Shaw Lane, Blackshawhead. Dorothy is feeding a carrot to Teabag the donkey in their adjoining field. Kim their dog is also in the foreground of the photo. In the background of the…

epitaph sharpened.jpg
The image shows an enhanced copy of a document titled "Epitaph to a Third Engineer" epitaph sharpened .jpg Gordon's wife Dorothy found this in a wallet full of cards and documents relating to firms that Gordon had dealt with in the course of his…

This very grainy photo shows a family outside one of the underdwelling houses on River Street, Bridge Lanes, Hebden Bridge. The woman sitting with the child on her knee is Gordon Sutcliffe's mother, Hilda Sutcliffe, and Gordon is the child on her…

Gordon and Jessie Sutcliffe
The image shows a couple, Frederick Gordon Sutcliffe and his younger sister Jessie May Sutcliffe sitting arm in arm on some grass in a field with a dry stone wall behind them, above Hell Hole Rocks, Heptonstall. This was taken before Gordon and…

Gordon Sutcliffe - 2 yrs - 1936.jpg
The photo shows Gordon Sutcliffe as a 2-year old in 1936 feeding the chickens from a bag of food at Horsehold in Erringden, the family home which his dad ran as a farm. There is a chicken shed in the background.

Gordon Sutcliffe photos (5).jpg
The image shows Gordon Sutcliffe aged 2 yrs in 1936 sitting in a hayfield with his mother Hilda Sutcliffe (or possibly Auntie Jenn - according to another copy of image), while those around them are involved in haymaking. The man directly behind…

The photo shows Gordon Sutcliffe standing near the main gate in his field on Old Shaw Lane with his arm over one of his tractors. Gordon had many! This one was his first, one of of 2 Fordson tractors Gordon owned. They were both bought at auction…
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