Hilda Sutcliffe nee Wilcock, Gordon's mother

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Hilda Sutcliffe nee Wilcock, Gordon's mother


Gordon 4.5 months old and his mum Hilda Sutcliffe
Gordon’s Childhood and family Frederick Gordon Sutcliffe was born on 29 November 1928 at Horsehold Hebden Bridge. He was the oldest child of George Henry and Hilda. He had a sister Jessie May and and a younger brother Edwin. His father was a farmer . Jessie still lives in Heptonstall
The family lived in and around Hebden Bridge and Blackshaw throughout his childhood. He attended Mytholm Church of England School from 1933 moving to Central Street School in 1939.




“Hilda Sutcliffe nee Wilcock, Gordon's mother,” SHED (Blackshaw Local History Group) Archive, accessed July 24, 2024, https://blackshawhistory.org/items/show/7.

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