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Letter about the auction of Gordon's accumulation of farming, engineering and machine parts

This photograph of Dorothy and Gordon was take outside "Four Winds" by Dorothy's relatives in the early 2000's

scanned letter about Gordon.jpg
This letter wast sent to Dorothy when Gordon died by his friend Norman Rliey. Their fathers were friends and Norman, the younger of the boys "hero worshiped" Gordon. The letter shows Gordon's early interest in all things mechanical

The photo shows Gordon Sutcliffe doing a headstand on Durness Beach in the far North of Scotland, where he was on a camping holiday with his wife Dorothy and her sister Pamela Diana Mills who was 10 years younger than Dorothy. Dorothy said they used…

Gordon Sutcliffe - 2 yrs - 1936.jpg
The photo shows Gordon Sutcliffe as a 2-year old in 1936 feeding the chickens from a bag of food at Horsehold in Erringden, the family home which his dad ran as a farm. There is a chicken shed in the background.

four and half months 2.jpg
The image shows Gordon Sutcliffe, aged 4 and a half months, sitting propped up on a wooden chair and dressed in a pretty white (christening?) dress, possibly in a photographer's studio in Hebden Bridge. Gordon's wife Dorothy thinks it might have been…

ni number.jpg
National Insurance card showing his rating as an ordinary seaman and his ship as HMS Wakefull

order of release.jpg
Gordon Sutcliffe's Order of Release from the Navy, dated 23rd April 1949. Giving his release date of 22nd May 1949.

service cert1.jpg
Gordon's Navy Service Certificate dated 31 Dec 1947. It shows Gordon to be of good character with no discipline issues. By May 1949 he had progressed to Able Seaman

service cert2.jpg
Gordon Sutcliffe's Service Conduct Certificate May 1949 issued on Gordon's discharge.
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