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school shot.jpg
Gordon Sutcliffe's School Class Photograph. this was taken at Central Street when Gordon was aged about 11 years/ He is 6th from the left on the back row. 5th from the left back row is Maurice Jones of Jones newsagent. Gerald is 7th from the left…

Gordon in his pram at Horsehold c1929

outside boy.jpg
This photo taken at Horsehold shows Gordon "reading the newspaper"

mum with gordon.jpg
Gordon Sutcliffe with his mother Hilda nee Wilcock
His wife Dorothy still has his first shoes

In the Hayfield 1930.jpg
Gordon centre, in white hat, aged about 3 years, below him is baby cousin Irene Wilcock. To the left is (maternal) Uncle Harry Wilcock, Rear (paternal) Uncle Jack Sutcliffe and on the right Gordon's father George Henry Sutcliffe

4 and a half months.jpg
Gordon 4.5 months old and his mum


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