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Double adult sidecar for Norton 600 Motorcycle designed and built by Gordon Sutcliffe. Gordon modeled this on his friend's sidecar making a pattern in hardboard. He steamed the wood components to achieve the curved shape. The sidecar chassis was the…

Motor-Cycle Gymkhana - Calder Holmes P ark 1959 (including Gordon Sutcliffe).jpg
This is a newspaper article of a Motor-Cycle Gymkhana in Calder Holmes Park 1959 in which Gordon took part. It was in aid of World Refugee Year.

Gordon and Dorothy Sutcliffe with Max and Molly Sunderland, on a day out in Scarborough whilst attending a motorcycle race at nearby Mount Olivet.
This photo shows from the left - Gordon Sutcliffe, Max and Molly Sunderland and Dorothy Sutcliffe

Gordon on his International Norton, sand racing at Southport

The photo shows Gordon Sutcliffe doing a headstand on Durness Beach in the far North of Scotland, where he was on a camping holiday with his wife Dorothy and her sister Pamela Diana Mills who was 10 years younger than Dorothy. Dorothy said they used…
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