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This photograph of Dorothy and Gordon was take outside "Four Winds" by Dorothy's relatives in the early 2000's

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Gordon Sutcliffe and Dorothy (Mills) outside the back door of his home at Southfield Heptonstall. This was taken before they got married - June 1951 (? check with Dorothy)

Dorothy and the Golden were married on 22 March 1952. at Salem Methodist Church, Market Street, Hebden Bridge. (where the current Methodist Chuch is sited) The photographs were taken in Alice Longstaff's Studio West End Hebden Bridge. Then the…

Gordon and Dorothy
Gordon and Dorothy Sutcliffe's Silver Wedding Celebration. Held at their home, Four Winds Blackshaw Head on the 22nd of March 1977

Gordon and Dorothy Sutcliffe with Max and Molly Sunderland, on a day out in Scarborough whilst attending a motorcycle race at nearby Mount Olivet.
This photo shows from the left - Gordon Sutcliffe, Max and Molly Sunderland and Dorothy Sutcliffe

The image is of "Old Rastus", one of 2 Fordson tractors owned by Gordon Sutcliffe, and identified by his wife Dorothy by the blind over the engine, which was always pulled up when it was being driven. This was the first tractor Gordon ever bought and…

The image shows a miscellaneous collection of tools, including brushes, plastering tools, garden forks, spades, shovels and hoes. These formed part of a lot at the auction of Gordon Sutcliffe's property. The forks were used for both gardening and…

The image shows a number of tractors which belonged to Gordon Sutcliffe lined up ready for auction. There are also 2 pieces of haymaking machinery on the left. According to Gordon's wife Dorothy, the white parts were an earlier acquisition which…

This image shows Dorothy Sutcliffe, Gordon's Wife, standing in front of some tractors while walking round the field where articles for sale were being set up ready for the auction of Gordon's farming goods a few days later. She is being recorded by…
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