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four and half months 2.jpg
The image shows Gordon Sutcliffe, aged 4 and a half months, sitting propped up on a wooden chair and dressed in a pretty white (christening?) dress, possibly in a photographer's studio in Hebden Bridge. Gordon's wife Dorothy thinks it might have been…

field 2.jpg
This image shows Gordon Sutcliffe with his arm round his wife Dorothy in their field, which they bought in 1960, on Old Shaw Lane, Blackshawhead. This was before they converted the upper part of the field into a garden where they grew lots of…

gordon service.jpg
The image shows the front and back pages of the pamphlet for the Service of Thanksgiving for Gordon Sutlciffe, held at Blackshaw Methodist Church on Monday 14th May 2007 . The Service was led by Dorothy's nephew............. It was well attended by…
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